* 12 Ways to Identify an Indian - Binny Singh

Binny Singh

Do your own work well, and then you will have something to be proud of. But don't compare yourself with others. Galatians 6:4 (Bible)

Binny Singh

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* 12 Ways to Identify an Indian

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1. You are Always standing next to the two largest size suitcases at the Airport.

2. You name your children! in rhythms (example, Sita & Gita, Ram & Shyam, Kamini & Shamini.)

3. All your children have pet names, which sound nowhere close to their real names.

4 You talk for an hour at the front door when leaving someone’s house.

5. You load up the family car with as many people as possible.

6. Your kitchen shelf is full of jars, varieties of bowls and plastic utensils (got free with purchase of other stuff )

7. You fight over who pays the dinner bill.

8. You live with your parents and you are 40 years old. (And they prefer it that way).

9. If she is NOT your daughter, you
always take interest in knowing whose daughter has run with whose son
and feel proud to spread it at the velocity of more than the speed of

10. Your wedding gifts are mostly in cash with a one rupee coin added to the note in a cover.

11. Your parents don’t realize phone connections ! to foreign countries
have improved in the last two decades, and still scream at the top of
their lungs when making foreign calls

12. You have mastered the art of bargaining in shopping.

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NICKSON said...

hey bro,,its awesome..from where do u get this thoughts,,i tried writing one,,,but couldn't coz it takes time ,,u need patience 2 write all dis stuffs...nd u have all those,,u rock man,,,seriously,,keep it up,,,

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