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Binny Singh

Do your own work well, and then you will have something to be proud of. But don't compare yourself with others. Galatians 6:4 (Bible)

Binny Singh

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* GEMS Bihar

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GEMS ,the biggest christian org in india,founded in 1972

GEMS ministers in the unreached areas of Northern India, primarily concentrating Bihar state and spreads across Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra. It has also crossed borders and started its service in South Asian Countries like Nepal and few other countries.


In the midst of strong oppositions in many places, we continue to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Pioneer Evangelism, Good News Meetings, Literature Distribution, Door to Door Evangelism, Bible Correspondence Course, Film teams etc. with a goal of Total Transformation.

Rev D.A.Jebakumar, worked for many years as a missionary from South India to Bihar, a state in North India that was known as the “Graveyard of Missionaries”. Today he is the Founder and General Secretary of the Gospel Echoing Missionary Society (GEMS), which has work in the states of Bihar, Utter Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Jharkand, and Maharashtra, as well as in Nepal. He also has great love and compassion for the downtrodden and the poor, reaching out to them through education, social rehabilitation and medical ministry. Rev. Jebakumar has also authored twelve books. He is the former Chair of the India Missions Association and is presently Chairman for the IMA Network of Tent-makers

GEMS's Ministries
*5 English medium school[5000 students]
*Around 150 Hindi medium school[20,000 students]
*4 GIFT center: GIFT is the IT Training Division of GEMS[150 people]
*Tailoring unit [SET UP]: (Self Employment Training Unit for Persecuted Women)[30 students]
*GEMS Multi Speciality Hospital [150 bedded]
*3 Primary health clinics,
*3 Polio Rehabilitation (Dayasagar)[300]
*Vikshit - Rehabilitation Home for the tribal children
*Sishu Kalyan Kendra - Rehabilitation home for child labourers [300]
*Premsagar - Home for the Missionary kids [200]
*Asha Deep - Home for the children of poor believers,
*4 Happy Home - Home for Orphans [200]
*Prayerna - Home for the children of the Day care center staff [60]
*Home for tribal children,
*Anokha home:Missionary's kids,
*HIV / AIDS rehabilitation,
*Bore well:
For easy access to clean water,
*Disaster relief,
*Worshipping Fellowships : 2570
*Toilers in GEMS Team : 2005,
*P E A C E - Pincode Evangelism And Church Establishment[30,000 people],
Film Team:[3.4 Lakhs per year]
Follow-up:Bible Correspondence Course (BCC)[30000],
*General Convention (Once in Two Years),
*Regional Convention (Alternate Years),
*Major Crusades[6-20 thousand]
*mini crusades[1000-3000 people],
*GEMS STORM (STudents OutReach Ministries),
*Tentmakers:Are called to be a "Missionary" using your professional identity to any part of India or Overseas,
*Children Ministries[40,000]
*PROFIT (PROfessionals Fellowship Of Indian Talents),
*bible college, etc....etc......
Visit gemsbihar.org for more info..

children's ministry

children's ministry

youth ministry [ STROM]






visit: www.gemsbihar.org

"We are called to make ways where there are no ways and work together to make break through even through the roof tops."

***Rev. Augustine Jebakumar***

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