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Binny Singh

Do your own work well, and then you will have something to be proud of. But don't compare yourself with others. Galatians 6:4 (Bible)

Binny Singh

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The fast pace at which we lead our lives offers us no time to ruminate on our actions and their consequences.



By noting down the day's events in a journal every night, you are forced to jog yoru memory as you recalls the events of the day. This exercise keeps the brain sharp and active, and it also increases memory. In fact, sitting down every evening and recalling the events of the day is a yogic exercise.


Make sure that your journal is your private property, and no one has the right to read it. In this manner, you will be inculcating a respect for privacy in yourself.you learn that just as your privacy is respected, so also you need to respect other people's right to privacy.


Keeping a journal also encourages honesty, because rarely do people lie to their diary. know that there is really no point in lying as no one will be reading your diary but for yourself.


Sitting down every night and writing a page or two in your diary is a discipline by itself. Random writing every once in a while naturally does not lead to discipline, but it does lead to some great memories. But if you are regular with your journal writing, you are likely to be regular with other matters as well.

  • Blank page still making you hesitate? Fill it up!
  • Paste in a copy of an email or letter you wrote to someone
  • Paste in a newspaper clipping
  • Press a flower
  • Upload a photo
  • Write the lyrics of your favorite song
  • Copy in a poem
  • Paste in a postcard as photo
  • Sketch, doodle, stamp, collage

  • How to Write a Diary

    • You should put the date or some sequence information in the diary, maybe at the top of the page.
    • For a personalization, begin each entry with soemthing like 'Dear Diary'.
    • Start writing! Write about how you feel and why you feel that way. You can write about any celebration or disaster that happened that day. Or you can freewrite...put your pen to the page and write whatever's on your mind. Write cool facts, important information, advice, tips, ideas, crafts, recipes, anything you want to keep secret.
    • Add some doodles like a smiley face or anything that shows how you feel.
    • Close with your name. You can also add your signature. This can be optional and you can end your entry with 'bye'.
    • You can also stick photos, flower petals or anything associated with what happened that day:
    • Avoid the typical hiding spots where most people know where to look:

  • don't hide on the top shelf of your closet
  • ori n your pillowcase...etc
  • Hide it in an old Bible case. Also put one of your old Bibles in it to cover up your diary. It works great
  • Grab an old notebook and write in big letters "MY DIARY" on the front. Add some useless entries like: "Dear Diary, Today I went to the mall and bought a blue topaz purse. I saw my best friends there. I liked it. It was fun." Keep it lying around to trick people.

  • Warnings

      • If you write very personal entries, make sure NO ONE else can read them. If you're really worried about this, get a notebook with a lock.
      • Never write anything you'd hate to see when you look back at it...unless you think that it might help you recover from 'whatever you'd hate to remember'.

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