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Binny Singh

Do your own work well, and then you will have something to be proud of. But don't compare yourself with others. Galatians 6:4 (Bible)

Binny Singh

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Just few days back I gave a message in my class and thought may be I should write down the message in my blog.So here it is.

Remember 4 things.

1.Do Charity.
2.Do Locally.
3.Don't expect anything in return.
4.When you give ,give secretly.

Now I argue you all faithful readers of my blog to pass this message to other friends and relative of yours so that they too can benefit from this.And please leave a comment if you benefit from this message. THANK YOU

Any religion has two components.
Duty toward God.
Duty toward mankind.

Everywhere,everyone talks about spirituality but very few on humanism.

Jesus when on Earth advice his disciples to take care of orphans,Widows and needy.And that is religion according to Him.[James 3:14]

1.Do Charity

Every Religion teaches us about Giving.

Muslims gives a amount of there annual income know as Zakat(A compulsory charity) and Hindus have rules on Giving a portion of there wealth to poor.Christian are taught to give 10% .If you are an atheist than you believe in Humanism , So do charity.

Malachi 3:10 Says "Bring the whole tithes into my store house,that there might be food in my house.Test me in this, "says the LORD almighty, "and see i don't open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that you will not have room enough to receive it"

2.Do Locally

Start with your place.Don't just give away to organisation or for some foreign fund[I don't say its wrong,but what is the guarantee that your donation was used in a proper way].

Go to an Orphanage in you town or city donate the kids a cycle or buy them all a good afternoon meals.

Go to an Old age home and buy them an Air cooler or some books or sponsor there small medical expense.

You can also DO by spending some time with the people there and talk and listen to them.You will get 'The Joy of Giving' which you can't buy of gold or money

3. Don't Expect anything in return.

There are lots of things I would write here directly but will do soon in another 4 months [After my Graduation].Some Organisation[Ashamed to say some call themselves as Christians] promise blessing from God in return for some money or donation toward there Organisation.They are fraud.I will tell it again, They are fraud

"After 33 year of His Ministry On earth,when the time had come Jesus was arrested,beaten black and blue.For three long hours weariness,grief ,fear and anguish sweeps in upon His soul like a torrent.People spat on Him,wore the crown of thrones,was mocked all the way to mount Golgotha Carrying the heavy cross on which He was hanged by those three nails pierced in this arms and legs.Just imagine the pain he underwent"

I ask you just one question,Why was Jesus doing this?

He was paying the price for the forgiveness of our sins.

He was paying the price for blessing of our Family.

He was paying price for the Healing of our disease.

He was paying price for blessing of our relationship..

The price for all blessing was paid on the cross of Calvary by LORD Jesus,there isn't any need to pay to some organisation to get God's blessing.

Give it voluntarily not because you want something in return.No one can force you in this.

4. When you give give secretly.

Don't blow trumpet after you have done something for needy.

Matthews 6:3 say "Let not left hand know what right hand is doing while giving".

I see many People preaching in TV not about GOD but about themselves.What they have done,what they are giving.

That's totally wrong.Christianity is about secret Giving.

So give cheerfully.


blesslin said...

Binny ur work is really good re...
keep the good work goin.........;)
God bless you!!!!!

paul said...

really dada i didnt expected this 4m u da............ really your blog is awesome.

paul said...

good job dude . really your msg is 5n . according to my aspect you must send this to all your friends. the friends those who r away 4m dis type of msg.

god bless

sharen said...

i guess dis is the 100th time im commenting u abt ur msg....simply awesum.....3 cheers for u

Anne Jaikar said...

Lovely message Binny..God bless ya..

jaikar said...

Indeed this is nothing but replica of my opinion.
jacob jaikar

Segen said...

Binny bhaiya.. That's really true..

Anonymous said...

dear in Christ,
ur blog information are simply superb, it has the mixed flavor of spiritual, political, business, cultural, etc., God has given you very good talent..... God bless you bro.....

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