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Binny Singh

Do your own work well, and then you will have something to be proud of. But don't compare yourself with others. Galatians 6:4 (Bible)

Binny Singh

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* Road Safety

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While on road i am scared of just two things.Its not shapeless bad Indian road with pits and no proper traffic rules.But it something else.They are

  • Policewomen

  • Women Driver

I am not saying you to be careful of them but to stay away.You want to know why.Read below.


Its always good to have ladies on road while driving ,but not they driving . Why??

Two reason.

1.They drive so slow and that too in the middle of the road.

On the other day i was riding to my college , a lady was driving at 35 -40 km/hr and right at the middle . Wasn't able to overtake her and then I saw her face in her rear mirror . It made me think that she was thinking " I am the king , sorry queen of the road and I am the fastest" cos behind her a dozen of bike and cars were there. Most of the women driver I find on road are same.It takes me 30 min to reach my college but if by chance I get to see a women driver , She eats up my 5 min and that petrol wasted.


2. Even if they commit a mistake in a Accident , No one asks them.

I was on a moped (Bajaj M80) in my town Bhabua.Was 7 am i morning. I was riding at 40 or 50 km/hr . Saw a woman at far walking on the side,all of a sudden without seeing left or right she jumped in front of my moped.I fell , she too fell.Immediately I heard a lorry driver from back cursing me and using words . And then a crowd gathered, everyone yelling at me "can't you see and drive".But was lucky to escape that one. Once in Cbe i saw a women knocking a cycle with her Maruthi 800 and again the same thing people scolding the Cycle guy instead of the women driver.

So what to do...Guys Don't be just careful.....STAY AWAY.While overtaking make sure you are 2 meter apart.And stay slow.


From childhood i have never been scared of police cos my house is inside a police colony.So was very friendly to them.But few years back i had an incident that made me damn scared of police women.

I was riding in Bihar.Police are just dummies in Bihar.So I'm never scared of them.But on that day there was a road jam so i was there waiting for the road to get clear in the front.Suddenly a Policewoman charged me with her stick.OMG!.I was so angry cos she also broke my headlight.The funny thing is till today i don't know why she did that.I was on my side with helmet on my head.I have spent time thinking what wrong i did.And guess what ?? NO ANSWER.People stay away from them,they are the worst .

Policewomen might be different in different state.But Women driver they are same everywhere.I suggest Government should ban them or make separate road for them like what they do here in Karunya .

People who don't beileve me just type "Women driver" in Google Image.You will understand.


Ashish said...

i did search google n had some fun laughin at d pics... :p

LinuX for Everyone said...

Super PIcs..

raim said...

truely said dude!!!!

NICKSON said...

nice,,,,,,well done...

Segen said...

Binny bhaiya.. ur article is nice.. but ur attitude towards women drivers has to be changed...

hudson said...

hey even police women are the same everywhere the other i saw a police woman break a bike headlight for no reason in coimbatore.....

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