* Do we need WW3? - Binny Singh

Binny Singh

Do your own work well, and then you will have something to be proud of. But don't compare yourself with others. Galatians 6:4 (Bible)

Binny Singh

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* Do we need WW3?

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'Yeh Love letter likhna bandh karo, Pakistan ko wohi zabaan main jawaab do jisme woh samajh sakhtey hai ..." Said by Modi, CM (Gujarat)

If Pakistan Army or ISI made this statement that Dawood Ibrahim is not in Pakistan, I can understand, because they would know better as they are hiding him. Rehman Malik(Pakistan's foreign minister) does not know if he himself is in Pakistan or not. They are losing their credibility every day by such stupid statements and then they show surprise when these people are found/killed in their own backyard.

What India will do after getting Dawood? He will contest an election from Jail and get elected in LokSabha. Lallu, Dogvijay and Burkha will try to fix hime for Home or Defence Minister. And India will spend more tax payers money after his security, as it is not enough we spend lot for Kasab and Afzal Guru. Pakistan is doing great service for India as it is not delivering Dawood to India. God bless Pakistan and keep Dawood with them forever.

The two lands partitioned for the sake of religious cause way back in 1947.. Pakistan was created for preserving the other religion. And look at what it has done away of its own self, and what it is doing away to us! God save us.

Too much of pakistan-bashing and too much of holier-than-though posturing. We are conveniently forgetting who raised and sheltered Bhindranvale and Prabhakaran. Fortunately they did not go against America and confined their activities to subcontinent. Otherwise India would have been in the same situation as pakistan is now in. Do we have the guts to admit that?
We learned the lesson only after 2 of our PMs were killed by the terrorists who were initially backed by them. We are delaying the execution of a convict implicated in Parlament attack case. We are afraid we may lose the votes of Muslims. We could not even touch Modi who turned a blind eye when Muslims were being killed. For the fear of Hindu backlash. This is our track record in dealing with communalism and terrorism.So what, Let us forget this and take delight in the plight of Pakistan.

It was not a Tamil soldier who hit Rajiv Gandhi. He was a Sinhali soldier. Rajiv Gandhi sent IPKF (Indian Peace Keeping Force) to Srilanka not out of noble heart. Rajiv Gandhi wanted to win back Indian Tamils' favor who were always with Dravidian parties and were sympathetic to Lankan Tamils. The then Srilankan president Jayawardhane knew he could not fight with Prabhakaran. Instead of pitting his soldiers against LTTE he invited us to do their job. Rajiv foolishly sent our forces to Jafna. In the end we gained nothing. We lost the good will of lankan tamils. We lost many of our solders. When the last batch of IPKF returned home, I remember reading it in a magazine, no one, no political party went to the port to welcome them. A total disaster. In the end, Rajiv himself succumbed to his own folly. Thus they politely showed us our place. Loyalty and patriotism doesn't mean blindly supporting the foolish decisions of the leaders. As an educated citizen, you should raise your voice if your leaders are doing wrong.

There is nothing wrong in self-criticism. Unless you identify your negatives, you will never ever be able to rectify them. As for Pakistan-bashing, yes, you can continue to do it as long as you believe it will solve the problem. But I don't think so. Do you accept Srilankans and Nepalees bashing us for messing-up there?

Majority of indians want peace with pakistan. as for the people who are yelling war cries , they are not particularly against pakistanis or muslims. Even if all muslims leave india, they will still be lots of squabbling. They have enough number of castes to fight with and dominate. Don't think all the Indians are like them. A few mischievous boys get bad name to the entire class.

To the politician:
You give aide to poor countries(Afgan, Nepal , lanka….etc) look in your back yard, You have more poor peole than rest of world combined beside china. Beside Sachin what this country of 1 billion has produced. People like lalu , fernandez, bofors, debacle at CWG , 2G scam , didn’t even left fodder for the cattles even. You guys stole coffins of the soldiers who died for the country. Before starting talking about other nations look inside your house.

Most of the politician comments are like kindergarten school kids laughing at their mate who tripped and fell down.

Hand in hand with US will cost highly to any country... they can go on until they complete their task. US is helping Pak because there is some thing US is trying to do.. .... Even few days back Mr. Obama said, we should be always on top not allowing any country to take her place. Unfortunately this is his dream and which is not going to come true. Pakistan or China or India..... we all need to be careful. US is very much selfish.

So the moral: Stop blaming each other. Stop Talking like a Kindergarten kid. Stop being influenced by our politicians. SAY NO TO WAR. SAY YES TO PEACE.

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