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Binny Singh

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Binny Singh

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* Google Earth

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If I were to select one website which contributes the most to Internet, It must be Google. Today I downloaded Google Earth and thought of going around the world. Wow these people have indexed the satellite images and made a really really huge map of this world, Wonder what other service people need to use other than Google Earth in the future. Little bit of searching and I landed up right next to Niagara falls watching it from the top. And then I saw my house in North and some of the place where I have been to and did my education. Amazing application.

There was something know as keyhole before, but then It was sooo slow at that time, took up lot of processing power, was a PAID service. What great difference Google has made to it, What more is Google going to do in the days to follow always remain a mystery.

1 comment:

noel said...

Indeed Google is great in all aspects. both good as well as bad..

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