* The Umbrella Ghost. - Binny Singh

Binny Singh

Do your own work well, and then you will have something to be proud of. But don't compare yourself with others. Galatians 6:4 (Bible)

Binny Singh

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* The Umbrella Ghost.

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Dedicated to a Friend(Kadam) of mine who claims to have seen ghost from childhood. Here is the answer for your question. God Bless you.

This "True incident" was told to me by my Bench-mate Dinesh P in Networking class, when Priyadarsani ma'am, our networking Teacher was lecturing on OSI layer.
In a Town near Madurai, a girl(Anitha) of age 20 was walking on the railway track at 8 pm in the Night. It was raining. A 50 years old man, her neighbor saw her and asked her why was she walking around when it was pitch dark. She said she was going toward her home. Uncle said her that he will escort her to home, but she refused to take help. So this Uncle gave Anitha his umbrella and said to to stay away from track and to go home straight.
Next day, this uncle went to Anitha's house and met her Dad. He told her about Anitha and wanted the umbrella. Anitha father was shocked. He said Anitha passed away 15 days back in an accident. So Anitha's dad and that 50 years old uncle went to the graveyard and to they were shock to see the umbrella hanging on the Cross of the graveyard.

I didn't believe this "True incident". But I had no other choice cos this story was in some way more interesting than the OSI layer taught by Priyadarsani ma'am(This is the another reason why I had to study Networking for 4 semester, the other reasons are, F.R.I.E.N.D.S TV serial, Plant and Zombie).

What is Ghost? Do They really exist?
Normally we would think that ghost is from the "soul" of a living thing. If that is the case, then the world would be full of ghosts - and certainly this does not look so. I have heard many dreadful stories on ghosts disturbing people. And recently I came across a new friend who said that he could see ghosts since he was a small boy.

Some say that people before they pass away have some unfinished business or something they wish they could change before they die. That would be a ridiculous amount of ghosts in this world. And as for our loved ones, it would be saddening to think that their after-life consists of having to watch over us.

The truth of it is everybody is made up of three parts: your body (physical, the part that executes the actions), your soul (your mind, memories, feelings, the part that makes decisions), and your spirit (the part of you that lives on after your body dies, also the part that can be in touch with the spiritual world around you). When we die our spirit is instantly taken to Heaven.

Fake Edited Picture.

What we have come to know as “ghosts” are actually Evil Spirit, The Devil. The devil makes us to believe in Ghost. The two types of spirits interacting with our world are angelic and demonic.
So, why would fallen angels pretend to be someone else?
The answer is easy; because if we believe in ghosts then we don’t believe in heaven or hell. And for those that do believe in ghosts and heaven and hell, it still completely eliminates the authority and governing of God. So If you have any experience of seeing a ghost, that not a bad thing, It is the Devil trying to Deviate you from the Truth.

As for my new friend, the fact that you see “ghosts” is not a bad thing. I know kids who can see angels. I would suggest that you learn the what and why of your ability. I hope this has helped you.


Esther Lovely S said...

Excellent Explanation Binny..!!!

jestinjohn said...

arrey bhai u tld tat 50 year old man is her neighbour still he dnt knw she died 15 days back what story dinesh told to u hehe

Binny singh said...

@Esther: Thanks :)
@Jestin: Tu CID ban ja bhai...and thanks for reading bey.


good binny.....interesting ....

Geo said...

Nice work......

noel said...

i agree with jestin... but the conclusion u gave is strong.

Blesslin said...

Hey Binny Bhai..That was a really good one :)

Blesslin said...

waise bhi, U having learnt networking for 4 years is helping you now na..... :P :P

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