* Travel - Chennai to New Delhi. - Binny Singh

Binny Singh

Do your own work well, and then you will have something to be proud of. But don't compare yourself with others. Galatians 6:4 (Bible)

Binny Singh

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* Travel - Chennai to New Delhi.

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Yes, I have stopped writing. There is no excuse, just that I vent out everything in Facebook nowadays and was happy with the blog I maintained in the organisation I used to work for. I get plenty of time and a brand new laptop and no excuse whatsoever. So let me start writing again after a 2 years gap.
I would try to write at-least 2 post a month. Mostly on Food, Travel and Politics. My last post was a disaster. I wrote on why Modi would not win the election and see what has happened. We are under the rule of one of the weakest PM we ever had in our History. I would soon write one on this to explain it better.

So Today is dad's 65th birthday and I decided to give him a surprise on this special day. Recently he had a bypass procedure done on his heart and seeing him was must. Planned, booked ticket, done with shopping, almost everything done when the UBER guys made a delay and I missed my train to Delhi. Went around the Madras station looking for someone who could help. Fortunately there was one ticket left in the next train and I got it. Seat number 63, S4 just next to the pantry car.

I love travelling by train second to bike. In bike you can have 360 degree. you can see people, street, country side. A little less is train where you get to see one side of the country. The worst is flight, you get to see just few clouds(never been in one).

My train starts from Chennai, AP, MP, UP then to Delhi. Once the train crosses Nagpur the train ride along Satpura national park which is very rich in bio diversity makes you gab you camera. The train does not cross through the park, but along it. The place is filled by mountain, valleys, river, bridges, tunnels. You cross this place around by 4-6 PM in evening if you have taken the Tamilnadu express which starts by 10 pm from Chennai. It is much like a jungle ride. so many sweeping curves.

How long its been since you have made a train travel?? Time to make one. Go solo and enjoy the ride.

I reach Delhi at about 6:30 in the morning and and the trains stops at faridabad for about 2 hours. Took metro, then bus and a Rickshaw and to Home.

Happy Birthday Dad.

Please follow me on the below link for more post on Travel, Food and Politics.


ANIRUDH said...

Wow binny... This was nice to read

sandy said...

You never stop surprising you dad . But im sure he would have asked to cut ur hair this time too 😝

Ak said...

So coming back to chennai with short hair :p or binny you convinced dad that long hair looks cool on you :)
Nice blog bhai.. keep writing :)

Anonymous said...

This is the first time I am ever visiting your blog site. Though I am a year behind in reading this post, I liked it. Cool pics.. :)

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