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Binny Singh

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Recently I went to Punjab for a church dedication program and some friends I made there took me to the Wagah border. Bad luck struck when the BSF said it’s been locked due to some stone-throwing incident in the Wagah.

Badly wanting to see the border the guys took to Shaheed Baba Gurudwara which is 20-30 meters from the LOC at Dera Baba Nanak. These were the time post-surgical strike. I will be putting the pictures in my next blog when I post from home.

Met few of the soldiers and had conversation ranging from what they eat, when do they go home, how is the condition at the border and many other question that’s been struck in head for these years.

Some of Indian Army achievement.
We have had 4 wars with Pakistan, winning all 4. It’s not easy when China support Pakistan.
Liberation of Bangladesh, and the style of it - Winning a war in just 13 days and establishing a new nation... No other country could have done it better than India. None!
Kargil War - It may just have been a border conflict but the odds were all against Indian Army and yet they managed to regain all the lost grounds

Surgical strike. Is Indian Army capable of surgical strike?

Recently there has been news in almost all non-Indian media that we faked the surgical strike. Some of our own politician sitting in opposition has asked for proof so the outside media is quit.

Yes we are. Since we have done it in the past and so I believe that the Army has indeed done the surgical strike and destroyed the terror launch pad.

I write blog only when I have a problem. My problem is not that to do anything with the Army.

During our previous PM surgical strike has taken place and been confirm by the Army. They never took this to street, addressing the media and thumping of chest. This attacks are considered to be secret keeping the country in mind. But in current scenario our shameless PM along with Amit shah, The president of the ruling party and our defense minister who is an another jerked has talking about surgical attack like no other. The defense minister even gave credit to RSS for the tactics used. The PM has been talking about it in almost everywhere he talks.

We need a PM for whom the nation is the priority and not the political party he represents. If winning elections is the ultimate goal of the PM and he could do anything to achieve it then our country is in grave danger.

It’s high time both politicians and media shut their mouths on surgical strikes. Leave army alone and don’t put pressure on them to justify on what they have done. US has crossed continents and killed their enemies and never debated so much like we do for single adventure from our Army. BJP should stop its marketing campaign. First the communal sword and now the surgical strike. 2 years of inefficiency should not be covered using surgical strike.

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