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Binny Singh

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Binny Singh

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My problem is timing. I had this thought to write when the issue was ON but then for some reason I delayed. Anyways let me put my thought here regarding NDTV ban by the ministry of broadcasting for one day which was later put on hold due to protest from editor federation and why i support the government ban.

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Coming back to NDTV ban.

One wrong should not be covered by another wrong. For instance, When we say Modi is corrupt, immediately Modi supporter would say, so is congress. What does that justify, nothing. So when I say NDTV was wrong and they deserve punishment,  don’t justify by saying so is TIMES NOW and ZEE TV.

NDTV is one of my favorite news brand in India and I love hearing Ravish Kumar. Ravish is from Bihar and his style of Hindi is very pleasant and also he is very brave and direct. The Government served a show cause notice to NDTV’s Hindi channel for its coverage of the militant attack on the Pathankot airbase in Punjab. The notice accused NDTV India of broadcasting “strategically sensitive information”. If you see the video which is available on YouTube(link below) you can see the reporter saying the terrorist are still alive and the position of army and the militant. You simple don’t do that. A war is going on, let the army finish the job and then you telecast whatever crap you want to.

This is not the first time NDTV is doing this. During attack on Hotel Taj in Mumbai on Nov 27, 2008. NDTV was showing live of what was happening and the terrorist were able to know the positioning of the army in the hotel and carry out more attack. NDTV did not serve the national interest then. The shots and visuals could have been shown after all the terrorists were neutralized and the security operations were over. But to shot up the TRP they did it.   
Don’t cry about Right to freedom  of speech  and Expression. Yes, Right to Freedom of Speech and Expression should not be misused putting the country's social security factors in vain. But then the Government did nothing and it is very sad that finally supreme court had to direct the broadcasting ministry for action and that UPA government did not do anything on their own.

Heard about “Nira radia tape”, If not google it and see how some on the top journalist from NDTV were involved.

During Pathankot attack, information about the location and assets of the Pathankot airbase were given in bits and pieces and exact location of the remaining terrorists and the asset were also broadcasted. Unlike print, TV is an audio-visual medium, which have a far wider and instantaneous impact. Hence, the disclosure of vital information on national security-related issues on the audio-visual medium, while anti-terrorist operations are on, has several ramifications.       

My personal issue here is why only NDTV. Other channels too carried similar live telecast during Pathankot in 2016 and even during the Mumbai attack in 2008. But as I said in beginning, one’s mistake should not be justified by others mistake.

One last point, If NDTV is banned for one day then our PM should be jailed for a day for allowing the Pakistan team to investigate and giving then full access of a military air base to our enemy. And then if it was so sensitive then why allow media there in the first place.

NDTV telecast link  : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-QndPRcE_tM

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