Dear Life - Binny Singh

Binny Singh

Do your own work well, and then you will have something to be proud of. But don't compare yourself with others. Galatians 6:4 (Bible)

Binny Singh

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Dear Life

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Dear A ,

What does it mean when you say “Love of my life”. What if one does not end up with the ‘Love of your life’ person.

I believe in big love. I talk and act like I do. I have had that massive love. That all-consuming love. That ‘Is this real’ kind of love. The kind of love that flare up into an uncontrollable fire and burns quietly, comfortably, for years. The kind of love that teaches more than you thought you could ever learn, and gives back much more than it takes. Was this the ‘Love of the life’.

If you’re lucky, you get to meet the love of your life. You get to be with them, to learn from them, to give the whole of yourself over to them and allow their influence to change you in immeasurable measures. It’s an experience like nothing else we have on this earth. But the truth is  sometimes we meet the loves of our lives, but we do not get to keep them. We do not get to marry them, to pass our years together with them, to hold their hands till the end and after a life lived well and together. Because in the real world, love doesn’t conquer all.

Sometimes the biggest, most loving move you can possibly make is to let each other go and other times you don’t get a choice.

Some people can love you more in a year than others could love you in lifetime. These people come into our lives only for a particular period of time, but make an impact that no one else can ever quite match or replace. And who are we to call those people anything but the loves of our lives? Meeting and letting go of the love of your life doesn’t have to be your life's single greatest tragedy because some people never get to meet them at all.

The Greatest Act Of Love Is Letting Go. A person trapped in a stagnant relationship is like a wild bird put in a cage. Its natural response will be to take flight at the first opportunity, to find its freedom again. To let go because you know that both you and people in your life need the space to grow, is indeed the greatest proof of love you can give to yourself and others. How beautiful and brave a person, that can act with such grace, in the name of freedom.

A very Happy Birthday to you.May you find what you are searching for.


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