TASMAC and it ill effect - Binny Singh

Binny Singh

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Binny Singh

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TASMAC and it ill effect

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Two days back I had to accompany a female friend of mine in a Chennai slum to meet a girl regarding her education which is to be supported by Seed100. The mother works in the local temple selling balloons, plastics toys and stuff to run the house and her eye gleaming with anticipation for our help. The house with just one room and asbestos roof and a plastic door. The mother and her 3 daughter treated us well with hot coffee and arranged cold water from neighbor's refrigerator.

Halfway through the cheerful conversation, enters the drunk dad. The kids runs out in fear, the mother tried to control him and keep nudging his shoulder, almost in tear asking him to calm down. The mother wanting her daughters to be educated more than the father cared and to stand in their own legs, not to end up in the same place as hers. Fast forward, the conversation is over we are out and then hearing the dreadful story of the family. I understood one thing, an alcoholic father is the worst curse to one family. This guy has been drinking enough to bring the family to poverty and forcing his 3 girls who aspires to become Lawyer, nurse and tailor to sit at home.

Two of my closest friends have similar story to share. Drunk, causing problem to the wife, fight with almost everyone in the family, embarrassment when in family meetings, and above all being the biggest threat to the kids life and the future.

It was MGR who established the TASMAC in 1983 and later Jaya who overnight established the chains across the state. She campaign to ban alcohol even when she was already in power in 2016. Government(AIADMK) has promised to shut down the TASMAC(the state run liquor business) in the last election, little to nothing has been done to shut it down. Recently the new prison-controlled-CM ordered for closure of 500 store which is still on papers.

Alcohol has been banned in many other states. Nitish Kumar banned alcohol in Bihar. Why are people allowing Nitish Kumar to ban alcohol in Bihar even though it generates huge revenue for them? Because sometimes people's lives are more important than money.

Yesterday a 7 year old boy stood in the crouching sun for 3 hours demanding closure of TASMAC near his school. They shut it down for 2 hours and opened it again. someone needs to hold the kid's hand like the one we did in Jallikattu protest. The story is covered by my good friend Pheba. The link is in the comment.

The TASMAC has to shut down and it has to shut down now.

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